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2023! Better start actually using this blog...

So I have had a blog section on this site for a year and not used it! So as for 2023 Im going to try and write some blog posts throughout the year.

So to kick the year off, Showreel time! Always a hard thing to bring yourself to start as going through all the footage from a year can take an age to track down the hard drives!

Also finding the balance between your favourite shots as a DOP, and what you think your potential clients will want to see. So for me finding the balance between Documentary, Commercial, and Fashion is always a hard line to walk.

Music, as always is one of the hardest bits of any edit, and you spend more time looking for the track than you do editing. You want something with a bit of energy and pace, however that can throw up problems when you want to hold on a longer take or shot you really love.

My new showreel is now finished and up on the site so have a look at it if you fancy! Feels good to start 2023 off with a new reel.

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